How do I best use the Ong ® jar for landscape and garden watering?

base-hoseOng ® jars come complete with a hose faucet fitting near the bottom of the vessel. They are perfect for use with a hand-held hose or an inexpensive soaker hose for landscape watering. If more pressure is desired for sprinkler watering or for moving water uphill, inexpensive 110v inline garden hose pumps are available at home improvement stores.

Many customers purchase multiple Ong ® jars to harvest water in different areas of their property for zone watering use. The jars may also be plumbed together to create a more extensive drip irrigation system.

With additional PVC pipe or garden hose, the drain fitting at the bottom of the jar can be used to combine multiple jars at additional downspouts or valleys into a larger rainwater harvesting system. For more information on combining larger jars, click here.

Note: For safety reasons, make sure the galvanized lid provided with the Ong ® is always securely in place.

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