Can I integrate Ong ® jars into a larger catchment system?

base-spoutWith additional PVC pipe, the drain fitting at the bottom of the Ong ® jar can be used to divert water to a distant faucet.

Ong ® jars can also be integrated with distantly placed large-volume plastic or metal vessels (1,000 gallons plus) as part of larger rainwater catchment systems. Ong ® jars can serve as attractive “first-flush” (initial roof wash) containers, while also providing a volume of water, or “point source,” for immediate gardening use. Too often, this quantity of water is wasted in conventional installations.

A qualified rainwater harvesting technician can easily retrofit the Ong ® jar in order to integrate the vessel into an existing harvesting system.

Note: For household use, use necessary filtration and purification add-ons. Without this additional purification, the water collected in the jar should not be used for drinking purposes.  Also, for safety reasons, make sure the galvanized lid provided with the Ong ® is always securely in place.

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