Where do I place the jar to harvest rainwater?

Ong ® jars by Big Grass are ideal for residential and commercial landscape watering. They can be placed under or connected to downspouts, used with rain chains or simply placed under roof valleys. Typical gutter systems can be easily adapted to direct the downspout or water flow into the jar.

The metal galvanized lid that comes with the Ong ® allows for easy downspout insertion and can be easily adapted for more customized installations. Decorative reclaimed teakwood tops are also available.

To protect the vessel from excess ground moisture, place it on a solid, level, well-drained surface, including decks and concrete. For ground level placement, it is unnecessary to pour a concrete slab. However, the Ong ® should be placed on a level base made up of four standard 12″ x 12″ concrete pavers, spaced one inch apart, to allow for air space under the jar.

Ong ® jars offer a perfect option for problem landscaping areas that are difficult to access with traditional sprinkler systems due  to concrete walks, driveways or distance. Big Grass can offer guidance on these installation solutions.

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