How do I protect the Ong ® from freezing temperatures?

base-metal-lidIn regions where temperatures regularly drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the jar should be drained (use the water!) utilizing the included threaded drain plug. With a garden hose, drain the jar to the hose faucet level. Then open the threaded drain plug at the bottom of the vessel to drain the remaining water.

Leave the plug out during the winter months until the freeze warnings have passed. Rainwater or snow melt coming off the roof will simply pass through the open plug and won’t accumulate in the vessel.

In regions where sub-freezing temperatures are common during the winter, the drain plug should be removed for the season. Many plants remain dormant during the winter season, minimizing their watering needs.

Note: For safety reasons, make sure the galvanized lid provided with the Ong ® is always securely in place.

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