Why harvest water with Ong ® jars?

Water harvested from rainfall or AC condensation conserves and replaces precious groundwater resources and eases demand on municipal storm water systems. A handheld hose attached to an Ong ® jar is allowed anytime for targeted watering in drought-prone areas, whereas broadcast sprinkling is often restricted.

Ong ® jars and similar vessels have been used for centuries in South Asia to collect rainwater in times of drought. Duang Hanesworth, co-owner of Big Grass, grew up with Ong ® jars in Thailand, where they are a staple of daily life in many rural communities. As is common in rural Thailand, Duang’s parents still use Ong ® jars for household water collection and drinking water.

Since 2005, Duang and her husband John have worked directly with Ong jar producers in Thailand and imported the vessels to the United States for sale at Big Grass. Big Grass is the only U.S. source for the Ong ® jar. Duang, John and their team continually advise customers about their rainwater catchment systems, help them design the integration of the Ong ® into landscape design, and have installed the Ong ® for customers throughout Texas.

Big Grass  is a member of the American Rainwater Catchment System Association (ARCSA) and a source for rainwater harvesting and water conservation solutions.

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